Worst strategy of the year (Lawler/Lindland)

 What the fuck was Woogie thinking?

He didn't try for one takedown....

Did he not see the Manhoef fight or something?

His brain has to be mashed potatoes by now -

I have to admit I was watching that wondering why Lindland had not immediately driven Lawler to the cage.

When it became instantly apparent that Lindland planned to stand with Lawler, even if only for a minute, it was easy to see night-night was coming for Matt.

I was surprised at how slow Lindland looked. His punches made it look like he was fighting underwater.

Lindland wasn't taking down Robbie no matter what, and pressing him against the cage wasn't going to nullify Robbie's power enough to make a difference either, nor was he going to wear Robbie out. The bad strategy was him taking the fight in the first place. I think Coker put that fight together for the sole purpose of giving Robbie another highlight reel KO to use for advertisement purposes. Coker probably watched Lindland's last fight and figured that would be the only way he could extract value out of Lindland's contract. Matt has had a great career but he's done.

Chris Power - When it became instantly apparent that Lindland planned to stand with Lawler, even if only for a minute, it was easy to see night-night was coming for Matt.
There was a horrible sense of inevitability in the air... 


One could argue Kampmann against Shields was worse...

Obviously Strikeforce bullies their fighters into standing and wanging because they think that's what the fan wants. Coker is ruining the sport.

Lindland wasn't taking Lawler down no matter what? Right an Olympic silver medalist in greco would be completely unable to throw someone who wrestled in high school and couldn't take down a kick boxer to save his life. Good call.

just gonna stand here long enough to set up the take down!

Robbie couldn't take down what kickboxer?

 Get the fuck out.

Lindland didn't have anything close to a takedown attempt on his mind....

He threw a high kick for fuck's sake -

Lindland isn't known for shooting explosive doubles, is he? TD's from the clinch. He needed to clinch first, and he didn't have an opportunity.

 He didn't even try for a clinch though....

lol @ those being clinch/takedown attempts...

The guy is an Olympic silver medalist and you think that's a legit clinch attempt?

Like I said - get the fuck outta here

I guess Lawler is better at fighting off Lindland's clinch than Fedor is.

RedVexx - 4:57 just 3 seconds into the fight Lindland attempts his first TD from the clinch and is shrugged off

4:47 attempts to get a hold of Lawler but is out of range and Lawler is throwing bombs.

4:40 tries to get close enough for a clinch but if he gets any closer Lawler will take his head off as he is swinging wildly.

4:34 attempts to get a hold of Lawler again but lawler weaves and backs away.

4:29 his fifth attempt to get a hold of Lawler and is pushed off

4:22 sixth attempt at Greco TD

4:15 he takes a hard punch and is rocked.

4:14 tries to get close enough to take down lawler and is dropped...

4:13 KTFO

He tried to get Lawler down multiple times unsuccessfully. Maybe you should watch the fight again if you think otherwise.

Have you ever been in a clinch ?

Hughes throwing a weak kick to start the fight against Penn was pretty bad as well. He could have tried to do what GSP did in the first round instead (clinching him and tiring him out against the cage).

Hughes had actually looked alright standing lately...

When's the last time you can say that about Lindland?

Against Lutter?

Cross-training gone bad yet again. Would have been better off with a Royce UFC 1 type strategy