Worst TUF Ever? F'ing Sad imho!

Dana sharted on this one.

You guys are such cry babies.

WAAAAAAAAAAH Junie didn't get kicked off!!!

Junie is an idiot but atleast this episode was entertaining.

Chris Leben was an idiot, but he made season 1.

Gabe would make him look silly.

Junie is entertaining. I'd just love to see him get his ass beat in epic fashion.

In general, I am really sick of all the retarded shit they pull every year. There should be no alcohol in the house, imo.

 i turned that shit off.  I don't care if the kid has talent, he's garbage and I changed the channel

Another season of simpletons getting drunk.

Another season of destroying "the house."

Another season of throwing furniture into the pool.

Just waiting for the writing "funny" things on the walls episode.

If you think the show is for die hard fans who post on MMA message boards at 2:30 in the morning, you are mistaken.

It is for casual fans, particularly A) the kind of dude who watches reality TV, B) Chicks.

They want this kind of nonsense, and if they come to care about a character, they'll keep watching the show to see his antics, and buy PPV's b/c "I want to see that blonde dude fight, he's frigging crazy! (he's kinda cute, too)"

It's all about the dollar, folks.