Would a healthy in shape Dada 5000 do good in UFC?

Lets assume he got in shame, what we know is he has a lot of power and a durable chin and many KOs in his street days.


Lets say he got healthy, and fit and fixed his cardio... Could he pummel fools ala Brett Rogers

Tiresias - He has tremendous potential IMO. Phone Post 3.0

Good post.

A healthy Dada is Dada 5001

6000 is the limit for Dada if he makes it to the UFC

Or even over 9000 if he really applies himself

Let's assume he was a college wrestler with formal striking and BJJ training. Let's also assume he is 25 and has great cardio. Furthermore, let us assume he's dedicated and a true student of the game. Phone Post 3.0

Not sure if serious Phone Post 3.0

He could never be in shame because he has no shame Phone Post 3.0

StevetheWeasel - Yeah, I can see it, Jimmy.

DADA 5001 would be a LEGIT NICKNAME, too.

Good post.

Win or lose, I'm sure he'd give a heart stopping performance.

Jimmy, I'm assuming Dada's going to retire after that last fight.

That fight was gawd awful, but It speaks a lot to Dada's toughness to hang in as long as he did with renal failure.

Who knows what the guy can do with dedication and proper training. Not sure if we will ever find out. Phone Post 3.0