Would Masvidal make a comeback to fight McGregor?

I’ve been watching this series on Masvidal youtube channel:

Clash of personalities alone it would be entertaining to watch.

Based on Dustin kind of owning McGregor and Masvidal coming up short in his exit from mma, ironically it would seem probably an even match up?

Still a contest I’d love to see.

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GSP would come back to fight McGregor. Almost anyone would due to the pay day.

Id rather Masvidal vs Askren


Please no, Askren should have stayed retired after the Aoki fight.

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Askren wins the rematch

The ufc really dropped the ball on this one

In 2019 Masvidal had one of the best single years a fighter has ever had in the UFC. He KO’d Till in London. KO’d Asskren in record time. Then beat the piss outta Nate in NYC. He was never going to reach any higher than that in popularity

In early 2020 McTapper KO’d depressed sad Cerrone in 35 seconds. Masvidal was in the crowd waiting for a call out and promo. But McTapper was McChicken and didn’t say his name

Neither of them were going to win belts in their divisions at that time. So that was the fight to make. I know 2020 was a mess but they could have made it work but Dana was protecting his precious McMoney


The only Conor fight I really want to see is Conor vs Ngannou in RIZIN under PRIDE rules.

NYE, the famed Saitama Super Arena, sounds great to me.


When Dana was asked about Conor vs Masvidal Dana just said, no, no, Masvidal is too big.

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That’s right I remember that.

From a promoters POV it was the right call.

But now, could be nostalgic.

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“There is not a long haired man walking the planet that Chael P. has to worry about!”.


Mas is a former LW who lost fights at that weight class lol


Young Cheal beats the shit out of Mas, matured Cheal would kill Mas


Lol u must hate Askren

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Anything that brings Phoney Montana back is a thing we don’t need. Ever.

Those clowns can fight in the circus or on felony fights.

No love?

Askren wins the rematch

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Might be one less to not worry about someday…


He may be a “greaseball from Miami” as he calls himself, but this guy is a barrel of laughs.

“Someone is calling you… maybe it’s those guys from the bathroom…”

Reply: “yeah… they want their dignity back”.

Ariel is a dick, but I guess you can’t get one over on a greaseball from Miami?

This is such a crazy and retarded fight that I actually love it.

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