Would you buy this instructional

A low budget instructional to save you 7 years of hard training and learning mma that covers stand up,striking/grappling,clinch entire game,and the entire ground game striking and grappling,plus street defence biting eye pokes and every other dirty trick.
video covers almost all possible moves and strategy's ass well as personal moves and strategy's,position over submission strategy's,ground and pound,sprawl and brawl,plus submission over position strategy's.

cost 29.95 for entire dvd

would you buy this to get a head start

will it have a nice cover?

why wouldn't u?

sperry's 1st vt was that instructional that seemed to shave off a few years for me. still the best set made.

Sure, but there's no way to get all that for $29.95, still less on one DVD.

Who would be doing the teaching?

Will it be on DVD or DVD-R?

will the dvd actually arrive?

Ive watched hundreds of instructionals It would be on dvd with nothing held back ground and pound ,catchwrestling,bjj,judo,hapkido,wrestling,boxing,kickboxing,muay thai,submission grappling,plus anything Ive ever watched or learned from any top or high ranked guys in MMA, techniques and strategy's the whole thing all in one where you can skip to anything at any time for just $29.95 Im not the best but Im willing to share all my knowledge for next to nothing so that new guys can learn at a very high pace especially if your into no gi stuff I will add the gi stuff on aswell. DVD will arrive very fast for now I want to see if I get good or bad feed back.for now I reccommend buying jens stuff they are good and all his stuff works well also for no gi buy sakuraba's tape even knowing it's japanese.This DVD will be more for eveyone especially for the street because biting and eye rakes will also be included.

you should list your credentials.

Can I save MP3's on it?

for credentials I dont really have alot Im only putting this out for the love of the sport and for fun,Im a huge fan of instructionals and just want to put out a loaded tape for new guys!

The only credentials I have to offer is that Ive been training MMA since 98 thats 7 years total Ive only competed twice 1-1 that was in 2002.I took 3 years off the seen because I wanted to get alot better I believe fights are won in the gym not in the ring .Plus the pay sucks in the sport I mean 100 bucks doesnt even cover your medical bill for a broken nose.

Like I said Im not the best but Ive trained with some quality guys and am willing to give away 7 years of MMA strategy and technique for pretty much nothing it will be fun.
Here what the set up is so far let me know if you want any thing else on this DVD.
1-Distance Striking
2-Distance Striking Def.
3-entering in and out of the clinch
4-clinch striking
5-Clinch Striking Def.
6-Takedowns and instant subs
7-Takedown Def. and instant subs
8-inside closed guard
9-inside open guard
1o-inside all versions of butterfly guard
13-knee on belly
14-head and arm
15-north south
16-mount and bully mount
17-all top turtle positions
18-The stand up position
19-guard all versions including spider
20-butterfly guard all versions
21-half guard including scorpion or lockdown
22-bottom sidemount
23-bottom head and arm
24-bottom knee on belly
25-bottom north south
26-bottom mount
27-turtle all versions when someone has your back
28-Def. to common street attacks
29-Def. to finishing holds and grip breaking for armbar/kneebars.
each area will cover controlling,submissions and chains,escapes,ground and pound,reversals,sweeps,Things a street fighter will try,and everything else that can happen,plus personal favorites and strategy.

I dont think that this project has a point...if you really want to cover all that info you should have a 30+ hour instructional which is really hard to make. Pick one area and make a thorough and good instructional for a certain type of people (beginners, coaches, intermediate etc.)