Would you do a trial if

Let’s say there is only one class per day and it’s at 5 PM. You work from 10-7 pm every day and have done so for years and plan on continuing to work that schedule.

Would you contact that academy and do a trial, given the facts above?

Sounds like it was the guy’s subpar excuse/lie for not deciding to join your gym after his trial?

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I don’t think there is anything wrong with testing the waters because you never know they may expand their schedule in the future and then you already got a sense of whether you like the place or not. I would be up front about it and just tell them your current work schedule, but life isn’t static. Things change.

If that’s my schedule, I wouldn’t even bother.
Is this hypothetical person new to training or has he trained before?

Yeah, I don’t need to hear more of OP’s question to know that actually happened.

I had a guy take a class once because there is a BJJ school near his house --which is 60 miles away-- so he wanted to try it first at a school very far from his home & work, BEFORE trying it at the school he plans to attend. Huh?

Had two different people start class and tell me they are moving in the very near future so they just want to sign up for a few weeks.

Had a guy ask if we did “upper Body” Jiu Jitsu or “Lower Body” Jiu jitsu. I sad, “We teach leg locks.” He was like: "No. I mean some styles of BJJ are more Upper Body Power and some are Lower Body Power. Which style are you…? I told him about using the HIPS as a major part of BJJ, but that didn’t make him happy. I still have no idea what he meant.

Had one a guy who moved from another state tell me he wanted to still get all his promotions from his old instructor back east, even though he won’t be going back to visit him: HE WAS A WHITE BELT.

Human beings make no sense. Luckily, most BJJ weirdos have very little “sticktoitivness” and don’t last long.


How did he plan to go for promotions?

Nothing about it made sense.

Had a Purple Belt join the school who wanted his own personal students- like 2-3 guys-- to come train but be under him. He was another low-key nut case.

People like these, who show up with some strange personal agenda, never stick around.


Love hearing the stories of the crazies. LOL

I like people I can beat the fuck out of without feeling guilty.

These stories are the reason I don’t learn a students name until blue belt

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ZOOM or TEAMS duh…

I had a guy with no experience try a class and then tell me he was going to join another club where he could beat people. He said he wanted to get good at winning not at losing.

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TTT…in for stories…

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I had a guy come to my class at my teacher’s school. Homeless looking guy who dropped in occasionally & talked about his various martial arts teachers on random days. Never thought he would actually get on the mat. Well, One day he shows up in a brand new judo gi.

He was fat, but that wasn’t the problem; he was IMMOBILE --like a freaking stalagmite. I could find ANY move he could do. I keep changing what we were doing when I saw he couldn’t even get into the position for the move.

Imagine taking someone from “My 600 Lbs Life” and trying to teach them the Omoplata" or something --It was like that.

Again, he was 300-400 lbs, but that wasn’t the real issue HE COULD NOT MOVE his fucking body in any direction. You kinda had to see it to believe it.

He was so immobile he couldn’t do the Americana from Side Control --which I finally settled on as a move he SHOULD be able to do. But no… he literally could not reach his own wrist to grab it.

I tried to be positive, but what do you say? – “Hey just keep trying to move your body and one day your should be able to touch your arms together.”

It was a complete & total failure.

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Sleeping on concrete every night is no joke.