Wouldn't mind seeing Mir vs Barnette for Metamoris

Barnette had a good showing in his last outing and Mir has a top notch Jiu Jitsu game. Seems like it would be a good match up.

Mir's jiu jitsu game is "top notch"?

While he may not be a competitive BJJ or submission world champion,although I think he would've done well had he decided to compete in that arena,his Jiu Jitsu certainly doesn't suck. He's among the top submission guys in MMA and you don't submit guys like Nogueira if your BJJ game sucks.

Buchecha IMO Phone Post 3.0

kennyfrommd - Mir's jiu jitsu game is "top notch"?

He did break Big Nog's arm........

Yes please

kennyfrommd - Mir's jiu jitsu game is "top notch"?

Everyone I have ever heard roll with him says how amazing his bjj is actually.
That being said isn't Barnett a fair bit bigger than him? Another Lister/Barnett match? Or is Mir bigger than Lister?

lol at anyone questioning how good Mir's bjj is. Not saying he would be winning ADCC here but the man is DEF legit as hell.

And nah him and Barnett are around the same height and weight, if anything Mir would be bigger than him weight wise depending. And Mir used to compete in sub grappling and was no slouch.


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