Wounded Military Donations

Every month or so the "Operation Military Embrace" depending on donations the organization holds a FREE "PX" for the wounded military coming back. This is held at the San Antonio Military Medical Center (Formally Brooke Army Medical Center). This is huge for these families that are typically married with an average of two kids. The income they make in the military is low so alot of these items are things that they will not but for themselves. The OME usually takes $30,000 worth of donations there and they are are all gone in an hour and a half so the need is there. Go to this website to see past event photos. They usually hold the event when they have enough donations. www.operationmilitaryembrace.com

We would be grateful for any donation you are able to make for this monthly event. The wounded military are specifically asking for all NEW items that include clothing (UFC & MMA Wear). The demand has been HUGE latley.

They also are asking for kids clothing, Baby diapers/wipes, electronics (x-box, ipod, cameras, cds, dvds) and gift cards to Wal-Mart.

I am going to write/call the UFC and Tapout, but I knew this board has alot of other companies that make there own clothing. If you are intersted in making a clothing donation please email me for the shipping address and the non profit tax id/receipt info that is needed.


Billy Gamble
Email: billy.gamble@sbcglobal.net



ttt for someone that came here asking for something to help AND actually has a tax ID/receipt to make it legit

thanks for the ttt i thought more people would be interested in donating some shirts. Maybe I should post some keyword terms that usually get the UGs attention.

Rickson is _ _ _
Somthing Homosexual
Anderson Silva
UFC, Dana, Zuffa etc
Diaz Brothers
BJJ is growing stong in _ _ _