Wow. Great Reading.

Check this out guys. Anybody who loves BJJ history like me will love this link.


Gunna grab a cup of tea and have a read now. I love reading shit like this.

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 Thanks man, that was terrific!

The main thing is to relax and enjoy your training, Sylvio says. You won't stick with it long enough to get good if training is an ordeal. Don't think of tapping as losing but as part of learning new things. You can tap any time you want for any reason. It doesn't mean you lost or the other guy is better than you. If you don't like your position, want to work on a different one, just tap and start over. Don't worry about whether the other guy thinks he finished you. Every time you roll it isn't the Mundial.


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good read

Widespreadpanic - Yeah, slow rolling is great for technique, but I can never do it with the spazzes at judo who try to go buckwild on me.

That whole site is amazing, read every single article on it.