WOW!! Lee Murray looks ripped and

he looks pissed off too. Murray by 2nd round KO

I cant wait to see Lee Murray fight. If he really knocked Ortiz out he should whoop some serious ass.

How is his ground game?

Go Murray! Knock his block off.

Murray Rd1 KO

He always looks like that. I see him before he trains sometimes and he actually scares me. He looks always ready to go, very manacing looking guy. Looks huge as well but is so ripped that he can make weight. He might surprise a lot of haters even though Jorge is a badass as well. Hopefully its a great fight that will see both come back again!

He's probably pissed because he flew in all the way from England for a 1000/1000 payday. But hey, a shot in the big show is a shot in the big show, right?

lol! I don't think Murray is pissed about the money tex, he is already loaded judging by his pimp-cars. The guys has plenty of dosh mate, so don't worry about him (sounds like an old Ross Perot campaign ad!)

Anyone have some weigh-in pic's??


Yeah anyone got weigh-in pics? would be nice

"You mean 3000/3000 payday."

Oops, you're right. Never mind me, it was a long night at work. Thank goodness this shift is almost over :)

Murray definelty doesn't need the money. He likes to
fight. He will KO Rivera. The guys boxing skills are
top notch.

oh yeah rivera has never beaten any good boxers!!

This will be one of the best fights of the night.

Yes, I am looking forward to this one.

There's been so much talk about this guy, it will be interesting to see what he can do for myself.

After so much talk and hype, I want to see Murray fight.

I'm not rooting for either in this fight, I just hope it's a barn burner.

Murray might be badd, but Rivera beat Tim Sylvia.

I can't believe that some fans in here are thinking Murray is going to enjoy a "cakewalk" just doesn't make sense.

really Smokin Guns? J/k I never thought he would win that easy or by sub but I thought he COULD win.

"Trust me, Rivera can handle himself on the ground....murray prob looks somethin like Baroni on the ground."

LOL. Or maybe not.

hindsight, the weapon of the shit talker...