Wow Pele 220!

I just read on Fightsport that Pele is now 220! I wonder how well he would do at that weight?

i think he means the retarded soccer player

Jose Pele Landi

220? he must be jacked... he doesnt seem like he has the frame of a 220 lb'r.

I thought he was fuckin huge when he fought Newton...

what is up with big Eric Pele. Haven't heard much of him in a while


Lee Murray scared him out of the middleweight division and would rather face heavies than feel the Lightning in those fists again.


damn he looks WEIRD in that pic

"I think he means the retarded soccer player"

I use to read your posts and could find the humor but that was way over the line

They have great "rainforest food" and vitamines in Brazil.

There's a pic of him on the ADCC website

pele is my favorite fighter,but i don't think he should fight hw nor lhw.he should stay at 185.

Wow, looks a bit sloppy, he'll obviously be much slower if he were to fight at that weight. lol

waller- i apologize!

yes, i'm sure those huge muscles will slow him down

If he can pick his leg up off the ground, he might be able to kick someone.

He'd get killed at Heavyweight.

If he cant beat Newton, he'll last about as long as Goodridge did vs Fedor.

WOOOOAH!!! Hold on a second. NEVER compare Pele to Goodridge in any context. That's just wrong.

"yes, i'm sure those huge muscles will slow him down"

Actually they will, and the fact that he's put on a bit of fat won't help his speed much either. lol