Manny is 2-0 in KOTC, his opponets are a combined 1-5, ha! He's one dumb sob if he thinks he's a badass. Wooo...what a shit talker he must be CSC's gay lover. Wow, manny you have some nerve, You only have two fights so STFU!!!

Yep, only he claims to have title belts and such from other org. that have never heard of him, much less seen him fight on their show. So I guess manny must've punked out people sitting in the audience, went home, made a belt and now claims to be a Champion. He's the king of bs for sure...

Why are we still giving this tool airtime?

Wow, I just saw a pic of manny, he's 100 % homo-gay! He's a wanna be Tito, he's 3-0 and his opponets are now a combined 1-6. I challenge Manny Jr. to a fight. He's in Miami and I'm in SC. I'm 165lbs and haven't trained a lick in the last 3 mo. What do you say Manny girl? I'm 2-4 so at least your trend of fighting fighters w/ losing or no records will be intact.

Ghost jr. ????