wrestling in college

quick question

I was looking at how to go about wrestling in college...Iam 18 years old and currently a college freshman.. I am a really good wrestler but I had a lot of problems with school, injuries etc. my senior year so I never had a chance to make a name for myself in the world of high school wrestling. I think I can do really good in college and want an oppurtunity to prove myself. I attend a wrestling club where I am getting really good. Is there a way to attend a tournament to get some college coaches attention? The college I currently attend ( school witheld to protect the coach) kept asking how I did last year and wouldnt believe about the problems I had. He wouldnt even let me try out. Is this even legal? I went to the match and could tool half the kids that were starting on the team. Im not sure what my next move should be... I just keep wrestling and working out... my cardio is through the roof rite now

what college do you attend? i REALLY doubt your coach comes to this website. theres a big difference between club wrestling and real wrestling in college. there are plenty of tournaments you can enter to get coaches attention, they are open tournaments just look them up on a website when they are being held.