Wrestling with or without shoes?

adidas response is pretty good

or some asics

your not allowed to use shoes in almost all the big tournys now, so you need to get used to not having them.
They help A LOT with take downs and driving, so if your not used to not having that... its going to be rough for you

i only tell guys to wear them if there feet are injured but lose them as soon as you can

(double post)

Wear a gi.

Shoes = no broken toes I always use them for grappling

But if you're ordering wrestling shoes online, make sure you choose the return option, even if it's a few bucks more expensive, since the size you will need could be anything from 1/2 size to 2 sizes larger than what you take in street shoes - and this varies widely, not only from one manufacturer to another, but even among different models put out by the same manufacturer.

I've got 20 years' worth of tales to tell about this.

mikehfl - I never wore shoes until I hurt my toes in a BJJ class. I used shoes while I was healing, then I continue to use them. In a Tournament I wore the shoes and when I went to do an arm drag, my foot stuck and I turned and POP. ACL tore.
I never wear shoes again. I feel if my shoe hadn't stuck so hard I would have turned with my knee. 18 months recovery and 1 year out of Training. NO SHOES.