WTF happened to Rampage????

After the beatings he took from ChuteBoxe, I thought he was done


He was also a born again Christian so I thought he lost his killer instinct

wtf turned him around like this?


I think like Joe Rogan said, his training team has helped him quite a lot.  He dropped Oyama and moved over to train with Juanito and then he has that guy Riley as his muay thai coach.  No more just training with amateurs lol.

GSP will show everyone that he is far from done as well.

I'm so happy Rampage won, even though I picked against him. Now he can smash Henderson and maybe Tito in a big $$$ fight.

Chuck is no Wandy or Shogun...Just like Couture is no Fedor or Nog...


I can see Page winning a UD. I can also see Hollywood hitting him with a right hand and putting him on queer street.

hes been born again for quite sometime bud!!!

Vanderlei and Shogun were bad matchups for Quinton just like Rampage is a bad matchup for Chuck and Chuck is a bad matchup for grapplers.

Plus having a solid camp seems to have really helped Rampage. He may be reborn as a Christian but he wasn't talkin like it in the pre-fight interviews. He got a little bit of his attitude back. He whooped Chuck's ass just like he said he would.