WTF: Rachelle

What happened to this girl? She used to be the hottest box I have ever seen; Now, she looks like an east coast 7 at best.

Too much time ridin' Chuck's lambo IMHO.



P.S. I would still bang it like a drum. HOLLA!!!!!

still hot, but the newness wore off.  Happens to a lot of hot chicks.

ARIANNY CELESTE IS THE NEW RACHELLE LEAH..hands down. Still, Rachelle is one of a kind.........scratch that, Arianny is SMOKIN' hotttttt.

chuck wasnt the one she was ridin

"lols chuck wasnt the one she was ridin"

WTF?? video?


Im confused here. When did Rachelle get not hot?

She is still smokin in my book...

lol @ the east coast 7, thats great Ill have to use that one.

Rachelle isn't getting so dolled up lately which is a turn on for me. When she doesn't wear a load of make-up and dress up in all the fancy clothes she looks more like the girl next door. She looks hotter than ever!

Maybe her sell by date has passed for Hollywood/Vegas. She is still plenty hot though, no question. Is she still a ring girl or what's the story with Rachelle? Has Dana kicked her to the curb and found a new UFC babe?

Rachelle is still hot. Case closed.

She was savagely burned in a horrific harvestor accident on Matt Hughes' ranch.

picturing Rachelle "Dasiy Duke" Leah

tf? p?

she has been getting torn

Still hot imo

eh... pictures?