Nut shot and repeated grabbing of the short. Nice Tito

i thought it was to the belly not even below the shorts


it was the midsection, no where near his balls

not a nut shot, imo

but he is grabbing fence and shorts non stop

rashad is all over the shorts and cage too

Tito Gassed out. Fucking Jenna... I blame her

how the fuck do you score this. I got a Draw...

Tito's crotch grabbing the shorts is clear cut, looks like he's molesting Rashad, and the knee was straight up into the balls. Rogan was yelling about it because it was so unmistakably just that. Tito also kneed him higher up, it's two different things...

Groin shots happen, shorts grabbing happen, and so does fence grabbing. Nobody gets too bent out of shape about a little of this. What Tito was doing screamed knowing disregard and intent. At "least* after being warned "next time" by BJM, you would think he would have laid off it.