Wubber Wrestlers!!!


Got this in the mail and thought I'd share!!!

It's a latest release commercial for Moose Toys being aired on Foxtel during Children's shows, Nickelodeon etc.

It feature's forum brother Chris Shen and an unknown opponent facing off as Wubber Wrestler's!!!

Looks like a lot of fun!!! Great work Chris, 15 seconds of fame is yours!!!

Please follow the link below to see the 15 second TV commercial.




there you go, and I thought Wubber Wrestling was some thing only Gerald did in the privicy of his own bedroom with some poor, drunk unsuspecting girl.

unknown wrestler is Rune Abrahamsson aka Denmark who trained at Extreme for about 6 months while here on work. He has just won his first MMA fight back home with a 30sec sub victory by rear naked choke.

We have a copy of the ad on the wall at training to give Shen grief...;)

Hey! She wasn't drunk ok!!!