Wut was Mir gonna say after post-fight conference?

Sorry for weirdly-written title; limited letters to work with.

At the very end of the UFN 71 post-fight press conference, everyone got up to leave but Mir grabbed the mic, made a face like he was gonna say something with the mic at his lips, sat there thinking... and right there the video ends.

Anyone here witness that live and maybe hear if he actually said anything?

I was happy for the man! I remember back around 2000 someone interviewing Ken Shamrock and asking him about any new young prospects and he answered, "Frank Mir. Look out for that guy, he's gonna go far" or something like that. And look how right he was!

Anyway, I know it's unlikely but I figured if there's anywhere to find such info, it's on the UG... thanks!

"I am the Devil!"

He just said "BOROJUNIOR TOP TEAM FOR LIFE" and then dropped the mic. It was very odd.

stevekt - "I am the Devil!"
I saw Goody Duffy compacting with the Devil! Phone Post 3.0

he said "can you diiiiiiiig it?!?"

"You wanna dance with me by the pale moonlight?" Phone Post 3.0

"There is no Frank, only Zuul!!!!!"

Wow, he said a lot of shit!

(Badder Harry, your "can you dig it" was my fave)

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