WWF: Sharp-shooter & Boston Crab

As a kid watching WWF pro wrestling, I never could figure out what was so painful about Bret Hart’s ‘Sharp-shooter’ and Rick Martell’s ‘Boston Crab’ finishing moves. After training BJJ, I realized that these are ankle-attack submissions.

With the current popularity of leg-attacks, has anyone ever successfully used these moves in training? Makes me wonder if we will ever see these techniques used in grappling/MMA.

You’re an idiot. They’re obviously not ankle locks.


I’ve used the Boston Crab with mixed success. Both hurt your back, nothing to do with ankles.


Yeah and an RNC is just a fancy hair pull.

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Lol you seriously can’t see how the Boston Crab could fuck you up?

Looks like you’re the idiot. Do you even trane UFC bro?!

“In submission grappling, the Boston crab (generally the half Boston crab) can be used to set up a [straight ankle lock]. On September 30, 2017, [Jonno Mears] became the first fighter in [mixed martial arts] history to win a fight with the Boston crab.”


“The Sharpshooter, The Walls of Jericho, The Four Leaf Clover, the Boston Crab et alias are all variations of a wrestling technique which was in practice as far back as the days in which gladiators fought in the Colloseum or perhaps even as old as wrestling in the Olympics itself dating somewhere around 400 BC.

Depictions of wrestlers performing these maneuvers on each other can be found on Vases from ancient Sparta, Greece, and Rome.

The leg locks used in professional wrestling are somewhat similar to heel hooks from BJJ, except that they target the Achilles Tendon instead of the knee joint, rewuiring you to flip the opponent over and bend their ankle backwards until it snaps out of place. Pro wrestlers do a safer variation of the technique while catch wrestlers still perform the techniwue in all its originality.”

Learn to read. You are holding their leg. You could definitely use it to SET UP an ankle lock. But its not an ankle lock.

I remember being a kid doing wrestling moves with my fat ass friend that probably outweighed my skinny little boy self by 100lbs. He put a Boston crab on me & thought my back was literally going to snap. Never did that voluntarily again lol.

I`m shocked.I looked and the OP is not even a 10er.

The figure 4 is just an arm bar

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