www.10thPlantOnline.com OUT SOON!!!

 we begin video taping at 10th Planet HQ in 2 weeks! Here are the perks:

1- student recognition

2-opening with apx 55-70 videos

3-online store

4-one small monthly payment = access to everything


6-video comments/questions on each video

7-Eddie Bravo will be featured along with his top brown belts

8-advanced Rubber Guard, Twister and Half Guard sections along with the basics

9-affiliation program

10-free roll

11-outsider section (sending me your vids to post of 10th Planet being practiced out there.)

 I forgot...

12-seminar video section.

SOunds cool as shit.

How much?

 we are looking at 9-14 bucks a month. not solid yet but we will settle it soon:)

Brandon Quick -  we are looking at 9-14 bucks a month. not solid yet but we will settle it soon:)

that's a fair price.

hi brandon. looking forward to it. just curious, will the materials on the website over lap the stuff thats in eddies books and dvd's? and do members get some sort of discount if they drop in to train at a 10th planet school? thanks.


Sounds very cool.

of course some stuff will over lap. it is the system that we are showing. we aren't going to leave you with the same stuff as the books and dvds though. some advanced, some old skool stuff, rolling, seminars...all of it. if it can be taped it will be up there.

hi brandon, is this site going to launch pretty soon?


just open a school on the east coast you selfish jerks

 we are currently shooting video here in Texas and I just returned from Hollywood from shooting. We are looking at mid October.

What does "student recognition" mean?