WXC results?

From Truro, NS?

Hi everyone, please credit Sherdog.com if re-posting these results.... I almost died driving through the fog and rain to get them to you :-)


Warrior Xtreme Combat
08 Mar 2008
Agridome - Truro, Nova Scotia, Canada

Iraj Hadin def. Jonny Roscoe R3 - 1:26 - Submission to Guillotine Choke

Josh Strickland def. Jason Cecil R1 - 1:44 - Tapout due to Strikes

Dana Dickeson def. Stephen Davis R1 - 0:51 - TKO

Chris Doucette def. Kris Parti R1 - 0:18 - Submission - Guillotine Choke

Jason Vatour def. Terry Kerr R1 - 0:31 - Submission - (Tapout due to Injury)

Liam Campbell def. John Swinamer R3 - 5:00 - Unanimous Decision

Jeremy Henry def. Mike Thibadeau R1 - 3:35 - TKO

Matthem Vienneau def. Larry Sockabasin R2 - 0:38 - Submission to Guillotine Choke

i obtained this list from an account in Facebook.I didn't attend