XFC in Tampa had over 10,000

Reggie Pena?Anybody know how to get in touch with him?If so thanks in advance!

"I don't know the whole story about Thiery and Sabia but I was told from the head commission guy that Thiery is in a world of trouble not Sabia."

I was present for the whole conversation. I'm not sure who was who but one guy weighed in at 210lbs. He had a contract stating that his opponent was supposed to make 225lbs. (He also presented that contract along with various emails he'd printed) His opponent didn't make 225 but instead weighed in at 254lbs. He approached the commission about what his options were at that time because he was worried about ramifications. The commission told him that he had to make a decision whether to fight or not and that he would not be held responsible or punished if he chose not to fight because the heavy guy didn't make the agreed upon weight. He made the decision at that point to not fight.

Interesting side note: The commission had a contract given to them by, I assume, the promoter that stated the guy needed to make 265. The light guy said he had never seen this contract before and wouldn't have signed it because he usually fights at 205. One gentlemen from the promotion got agitated when this contract was brought out and so did the fighter. To my knowledge the commission's only action on this fight was to strike it from the card and move on with the show.

Thanks for the insight John

Hopefully these organizations and fighters will learn from this cause people wanted to see that fight.