XFC in Tampa had over 10,000

Just back from the XFC and it had over 10,000 in the arena. FREE tickets or not 10,000 people at the event was outstanding. Some of the fights were very good as well. Some full 3 round fights and some quick knockouts.
Great job by the XFC and look forward to there next event!


which fight would you like to know about

I left after the 2nd intermission... last 4 fights??? Thanks

only 2 fights after the 2nd intermission. Frankie Sharipov beat Rich Silva in the first round I think,but he won and looked good. Damian Stelly beat Enrique Watson in about 30 seconds in the last bout from strikes. It was the worst fight of the night, a miss match for sure.

I was there too. 10,000 people? Where were they hiding them at? They had a decent crowd for a Sunday but nowhere near 10,000 bro. Sorry to tell ya.

The venue was great!!I don't think 10 thousand either but there were alot of people,and some pretty good fights.I was at both the rfc sat night and the xfc sun night.I'm not siding with one or the other,I just think it's great for the fighters to have options!!The word we got was the sandman{main event}dropped out of his fight due to Anthony the Barbian being to heavy of a guy for him to fight.???????????????????????

Tilt does Enrique still want to fight David after his "46" second loss ???

Wow,no kiddin 66.I don't think it even went 46 sec. did it?That was ugly.But from what we know now he's reinlisting in the marines as soon as possible.Enrique needs to find a lower weight class if he plans on fighting again.No disrespect to him either,he is a warrior,but Viera is in another league.

True, takes balls to step up and fight, his opponent was in top shape. I would tell him to move to 170lb.

I hope all is going well at the Grind for you guys, come over and train with us some time you ALL are always welcome.

Not to take sides either but I was told from the Ice Palace that over 10,000 tickets were taken. that last fight was between two different class of fighters for sure. Damian Stelly has fought on bigger shows and was a better fighter for sure. Im not taking anything from Watson as it takes balls to fight anyone.
I don't know the whole story about Thiery and Sabia but I was told from the head commission guy that Thiery is in a world of trouble not Sabia.

I agree 66,170 or even 150,he'd be ripped but he could make it.We enjoy learning new stuff so some of us will make it down in the near future,cool of you to invite!!And voice I don't know if Watson is a BETTER fighter,but he was with out a doubt a bigger and stronger fighter.Dude was jacked.

I know for a fact that Stelly is a better fighter! Anyone in the building could tell you that!


Do we know why Thiery did'nt fight.The piece Bay news 9 did on him was interesting would of liked to see him fight?

How did the Frankie Sharipov and Rich Silva fight go?

And how did the Mikey Gomez fight go?  I'm asuming he won?

SoiCoWboy,it's funny you say that,that's like the third or fourth time I've seen him fight{guy with stuff shaved in head}and he's impressive to watch!He's not on the xfc website or on that nights fight card.So in question,who is he??

Every ring girl in Tampa orgs is a stripper. RFC-Gold Club, WFC-Penthouse, XFC-2001.

Thats how we roll over here.

Shaved hair = Reggie Pena... Clearwater high school wrestler and now claims Springhill (armpit of FL) as his home. Training with Team Trauma last I heard.

Best fight I saw him was again Matt Aroyyo RFC. Reggie put up a good fight, Matt transitioned into multiple submissions with Reggie slamming him a few times. I think he lost to an armbar or triangle. Reggie is always shows up to fight!!!


Mikey Gomez didn't fight.  Not sure why but he was in house and cornering a couple of fighters.  The Simas team showed up to fight.  They all looked great.