I for one find the following 2 iotems VERY big news in XFC perspective...

1) John MAHLOW (who lost to kyle NOKE) is to fight Alberto CRANE on a KOTC card in June. CRANE is a BAD ASS at 155lb I assume he is comming up in weight for this one. This match really paints a picture of how good Kyle is becomming.

2) Danny HIGGINS will be off to New Mexico to train with greg JACKSON at 4 corners with the likes of Joey VILLASENOR, Floyd SWORD, MAHLOW and Diego SANCHEZ. It also appears that Danny will have a fight while he is in the US!

Look for a new and improved Danny to return to Australia to fight in Brisbane in late July and then return to XFC action in September.


Just realised how stupid I am :( had RABORN and MAHLOW confused, MAHLOW was to fight SCHAFFA. RABORN is also fighting in KOTC.


"Just realised how stupid I am"

...nah, too easy !



Big things on the horizon for all involved. New improved Higgins. thats scary for any opponent. I'm sure that our Ozzie boys will start making regular appearances in the States soon.

Good to see another Integrated Team member in Adrian Pang looking to attract some international attention from the Japanese in the upcoming Shooto event.

Our fighters are open to fight in any organisation if it works out that they are available and the terms are right.

All the best fellas.