XFC looking for more coaches,competitors,sparring

Here at Xtreme Fitness Combat Club in St. Clair PA are trying to add coaches to our facility-if you are interested please email joe at joejitsu1@verizon.net. We are also looking for more competitors to join our team-doesnt matter if your interests are MMA,Boxing,Kickboxing,Grappling,or all of the above. We are focused on making champions. We would also like to get more sparring partners for our Pro and Amateur MMA fighters,Boxers,Kickboxers and rolling for our grapplers-if interested we will come to you or you can come to our facility. We also promote shows and our next MMA one is April 19th 2013 at Lakeside Ballroom in Barnesville PA so if you are Pro or Ammy and want on the card please hit me up also. We would like to get more teams and people to crosstrain with just so we can make each other better so just give us a chance!!!