Just announcing Soa PALELEI will fight lance "The Snake" CARTWRIGHT from Canada.


Is Lance's bio at xfc.com

Standing at 6'4" and fighting (and pictured) at 115kg RIPPED. This heavy handed kickboxer/MMA fighter will be Soa's hardest test to date. Possessing an awesome KO record this bout is going to be INSANE!!

It's hard to get a grasp of how big Lance is seeing him alone on his bio. I have seen pictures of him next to familiar faces and he is one big lean ripped MF'er !! He is going to be a physical test for Soa and thats saying a hell of a lot!


Can Lance "The Snake" CARTWRIGHT Play table tennis?????


Actually Cartwright sucks at table tennis. Last time we played I beat him 3 straight, but he hits like a fucken sledge hammer.

When I grow up, I want to be as big as Lance!

G,From what i've heard from your nights out in QLD i dont think your ever going to grow up! :)

Paramount in my mind when shopping for Soa was that we had someone who stacked up with Soa's physicality and also skill wise. Originally we had a guy called Mikem RADNOV, however, he got injured. Mike is a freakin monster at 6'1" 280 BUSTED!! He fought ALVAREZ at UCC 10 and made alvarez look like a twig.

CARTWRIGHT is a machine he is big, athletic and a very dangerous striker. Soa and haby have asked for no less and the match is going to be off the hook!


Where can I find a pic of Soa Palalei? There isn't one up on the website.

His picture is in his bio.


All I see is a black outline. Could you post the link?

Thats sSoa's angry face, I'll ask him to smile next time. You may also see him in every isuue of Blitz magazine as "the Ninja".