XFC4 shirts

Check out the XFC 4 shirt

Limited numbers available at the show $30ea.



they look good guys i am getting one for sure


Guys the xfc store will be open at 7pm sharp with the venue doors. I'd get in quick re the shirts as they definately look the shizznit!

XFC's January 31 Xtreme Fight Club DVD will be also on sale. I am aiming to make this cheaper then normal DVD's as it is a grass roots endeavour and I wanna get the new boys seen.

Re "new boys" I just had a great idea. Pancrase neo blood tournemants are awesome they have seen the likes of MINOWA and TANNER progress and many more. I think I might do a tourney or a few at a couple of weight classes (4-man) on June 5.

Any serious guys drop me a line. I'll structure it for guys with less than 3 fights or something, should be good for all.

ps re Jan 31 DVD - OH MY GOD can Ian SCHAFFA fight!!!

I hope you got me a shirt this time !!
I feel so left out.

wayne, yours is a special shirt it features two fronts and 2 backs :)

does 2 XXL's stuck together = a XXXXL ??

Fark I am pumped re this show now!


Hear, hear. More big sizes

It took four hours, 3 litres of Mobil One, two ring girls and a frozen chicken to get the one off me at Fight Club.

LOL at krakkerz, u could have fit four cade browns in the shirt u wore at fight club yet it was still tight on u, man u r a tank.

cade, this four man things sounds interesting.

Why are these type of shirts always black????

Black is for westies and nuffies, Carson Kresley from queer eyer would not endorse this product!!!!

lol come to think of it imagine justin on queer eye. All those 3 quarter pants and bum bags that they would throw out the window!!!!!!

Me on queer guy lol!


although what would they do with the hair?????