XKK Weigh-Ins/Des Moines IA

The weigh-ins went great, and all the fighters are ready to go! Hope to see many of the fellow UG'ers there tomorrow night. The card is as follows:

Preliminary Bouts 3x3 Minute Rounds
1. Mike Van Meer vs. Playboy C. Saunders
2. Bruce Huckfeldt vs. Jesse Gomez
3. Jared Smith vs. Darrin Brudigan
4. Paul Serwatka vs. Shawn Nolan
5. Brian Fulton vs. TBA
6. Nowanda Bell vs. Brian McCain

Main Card Bouts 3 x 5 Minute Rounds

  1. John Halverson vs. Rory Prazak
  2. Sean Wilson vs. Carlos Perez
  3. Joey Clark vs. Derrick Rippley
  4. Ronnie Britt vs. Bryan Robinson
  5. Dustin Mylarnik vs. Todd Dobrowolski
  6. Albert Newberry vs. Travis Fulton
  7. Victor Moreno vs. Jason Purcell
  8. Spencer Fisher vs. Shawn McCully

Co-Main Event
9. Jason Black vs. Keith Wisniewski

Main Event
10. Josh Neer vs. Fred Leavy


Great card..but I would have made Black's fight the main event...

good luck john!


Strandman- I agree that Jason and Keith are definately main card material. Josh Neer is a very popoualr local guy, and he was going to fight Shannon Ritch. Obviously, everyone knows of Shannon's situation now and cannot fight. Plus, these fights were set up a few months ago, and Black/Wisniewski were addred about six weeks ago.
White347LX- Last night I said a prayer that Ron Krull would show up tonight!
Arias- thanks, bro. Oh, and I have a ton of stuff I want to send you. Email me sometime!


I am leaving for the event in about an hour. I will call you on my way there to make sure nobody else is doing it, and if you still want me to do it! :)