Xmas gift MMA.tv pro membership

I received several kind emails over the last week asking about how to buy a fellow forum member a Pro Membership for Christmas; I replied as best I could. But then asked the engineer guys if they could make a functionality where you can buy another a member of the page a Pro Membership.

To do so, log in and use the

Jump To, (Optional) My Account
Pro/Business Membership Sign Up

URL is:


Any questions, concerns, or comments, please let me know.

Great idea Kirik!

Will there be an address for those who use money orders?

Kirik said to go ahead and test it out by buying one for me.

LOL if you have more than 10000 posts you should have to buy one! come on guys! you are missing out with the HTML editor, it really is great and easy

i could use one too, ive always dreamed of tapout forum

That would be a great Christmas present :)

it is SwampRocker
large S, large R

Somebody hook me up. :)

It is better to give then to recieve Zero, so I will allow you the honor of giving me one

Merry Christmas to the UG :)

show some love for the inch!!!!

I'd love to get one but I'm unemployed at the moment and can't afford one!

I even asked the social to hook me up with one but they wouldn't!