Xtreme Kage Kombat Fight results

Wow, thanks for everybody showing up. It was such a great event because of the fighters putting on a great show. I cant believe all of the great talent that was there.

Josh Neer defeated Joe Chacon.. Joe took this fight on a days notice and put on a hell of a show. This was one of the best matches of the night because both are very talented and very tough. The fight went to a decision after 3 rounds 3 minutes. Josh came out swinging and kneeing and really took the fight to him. Josh is a very exciting fighter like I have read on the underground and he is going to be a person to be reckon with. Thanks Josh and Joe.

Alisa Cantwell defeated Olivia Ziola. This was also a very good fight. The fight went to a decision after 3 rounds 3 minutes. I heard a lot of the crowd saying that this was there favorite fight of the night. Olivia gave up 15 lbs for this fight. She is an amazing fighter. Alisa has come very far in the last couple of months and is ready to keep on pursuing her dream on becoming the best. Thanks Alisa and Olivia.

Brian Geraghty defeated Tommy Lee. Brian just let the MMA world know that he is someone to watch out for. Tommy took the fight to him pretty hard. Brian Stayed in the fight and Tommy got caught in a triangle in the 2 round. Very big win for Brian. Thanks Tommy and Brian.

Jim O Flanigan defeated Mike Naperella. This was a rematch from last fight. Mike was DQed from unintentional blows to the back of his head. Last fight scored was Jim 10-9 1st round, Mike 10-9 2nd round, and Mike was about to pull it off when DQed which ended in injury. This fight was as good as the first. A very good match up again. Ended in decision. Great fight. Thanks Mike and Jim

Nate Homme defeated Jason Guida. Jason really came out and took the fight to Nate. Jason was in ground and pound mode when Nate caught Jason in a triangle. This was another great showing by both men. Thanks Nate and Jason.

Adam Porochka defeated Ron Merrit for the local Heavyweight Champion. This was a really exciting fight because Adam came in as the underdog. He is going to be a great champion for us. Thanks Adam and Ron.

Thanks to all the local fighters also. There ended up to be 14 fights in all. Placed was packed and the fights were cool.

There are a few more people I would like to thank for all there help and support. John Goerecke from Gilbert Grappling/Team Hellhouse. A great guy and a great team. They always show up ready to fight. Dave Strasser from Freestyle Fighting Academy. Dave help me get a fighter right away when I needed someone for Josh when he got the stomach flu. A really great guy and also another great fight team he has. Damien The coroner Decora for helping with commentaring and with helping promote at his weekday fights. You are going to have to tell me Damien if you are a 2 or 3 XXL. He also has got a great fight team lining up. Mike Reilly for helping set up our big fight with Josh and taping the event. Left for all your support and helping with promotions. You handled the situation great Saturday night. John Halverson for coming up with Josh and Mary. I have the same problem as him& addicted to the Underground!!! Also I want to add thanks to Dave Menne for sending one of his students when he had a big fight in Superbrawl in Hawaii. He always has the time for me and really helps train or share fighting info with whoever asks. My Opinion Anybody who says he is washed up is Fricken crazy he fights all top fighters. He never has easy fights. He is a true Champ. Anybody I left out well thanks for coming and supporting Xtreme Kage Kombat.
Next event is April 3rd same place. Thanks

Jeff Paul

And Paul - ZePMan - you crazy Chicagoan you are a hell of a guy and have a beautiful Wife Thanks for driving all the way up. I hope you make it back for the next one.