Xtreme Muay Thai

XFC will be debuting Xtreme Muay thai on June 5 when Brandon BELL faces Matt TE PAA.

The concept is very simple XFC (UFC) rules fought over 5x 2-minute rounds wearing traditional 8 or 10oz boxing gloves (depending on weight class). Also a 20 second time limit is enforced on the ground.

Being that QLD is the home of Aussie Muay Thai and MMA we are hoping to get a lot of thai fighters willing to fight MMA guys or each other under these rules.

The few name thai fighters I have spoken to have taken the view that the rules highly favour them and are VERY eager to have a go. Will have a few on hand June 5 to witness the birth of the sport.


Of course the rules "highly favour them", as it's going to be pretty hard to get anything accomplished in 20 seconds on the ground wearing the big boxing gloves. Will be good to get them to ease over into our world though...

Would they favour say a John Wayne PARR v Ian SCHAFFA??


Oh, I told them they can't wear that rub n tug lotion though ;)


So once it hits the ground they only have 20 seconds on the ground before it gets stood back up?

Does this mean you get points for takedowns ect?

Elbows also allowed?

No points per say but yes a takedown would be considerred "effective Grappling".

Yes elbows are allowed.


Funny the stir the sport has created. I have had calls from some really BIG name thai fighters ready to have a chop at this.

Gonna be fun for all.


Bootifull Justin. Another first!

I really enjoy seeing skilled grapplers going at it. Sorry but this does not interest me in the slightest. I can however see a few people might find it amusing.

In NSW the stir is all about elbows... *shrugs - but then I've never been in the ring*.

Would one be Nathan "Carnage" Corbett?

Should be a good stepping stone in getting some top kickboxers into MMA.