XXXXL Glove to the Face......

 .....still can't stop the Fedor FREIGHT TRAIN!

CaptainPlanet - 

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 .....still can't stop the Fedor FREIGHT TRAIN! FRATE TRANE!


I'm on the frate train!!!!!

 Yeah if he happens to hit you on the back of the head it owuldn't take much

the Siberian Express - Fedor!

 I don't think Brock can handle those laser like haymakers from the hooks.

More like xxxxl glove behind the ear. Watch it again. Not sure why everyone thinks Lesnar is the shit for beating a 45 year old MMA fighter out of his prime. Sure its captain america, he is a legend in the sport but everyones time ends. Cotoures just so happend to end at the age of 45. Matt hughes did the same thing to Royce. Bottom line, Lesnar can beat up old men. hmmmmmm...

 "you mean the fedor who just lost in sambo ? to a good wrestler???"

Shit, what happened?

Oh no, he hit Randy behind the ear. Just a few corrections for ya. lol.