Y didn't BJ stand with Bang

Because he knew he would of got his ass kick....

Because he knew he could submit him easily. Ludwig was exposed.

Because he accidentally took him down within the first second of the match.


Why didnt bang try to take BJ down and submit him

Because he wanted to win. Grappling is allowed in MMA right?

I dunno. But I'd also like to know why Ralph dove into Gomi's knee. And why no one goes to the ground with Serra.

same reason genki didnt grapple with royler.- its the easiest way to lose

Cause even though I am not a BJ Penn fan, he is a smart talented fighter.

what is your point?

BJ should have just stood there and let Bang whale on him. Gutless!

The real question is that "Why did Bang allow BJ to take the fight to the ground, instead of keeping it standing?"

The answer: BJ's takedown and submission is too good for Bang's takedown defense and sub defence.

"what is your point?"

to troll

BJ is obviously a pussy and was afraid of Bang. Why fight smart and win, when you can have an absolutely retarded fight plan and entertain fuckwits that know nothing about the technical aspects of MMA?

mikeblak is 100% right.

Why the hell woudl anyone fight someone elses gameplan and expect to win.

Sometimes I dont get people!

Mikeblak just spunked correct all over TALENT's brainless head...

see Ortiz vs Liddell

holy backfired threads batman...

Good way to stuff the ignorance back in this twit guys.

Carry on...

MMA is definitely about playing to your opponent's strengths. Yep, uh-huh.