Yahoo Headline of Frank Shamrock

Right now on Yahoo under the feature area it has the injury update.

They reported that As it turns out, Mrs. Shamrock, who isn't due until May, thought she went into labor but actually didn't. She was released from the hospital after the false alarm.


Franks right forearm was broken in two; he'll undergo surgery and have a plate inserted in his arm Sunday.

just saw that. i wonder if the disappointment of his loss caused the false alarm.

MMA fighter injured

Hey man I would love to take snow just right about now...But Oklahoma is getting hit by severe thunderstorms and tornados...

Its going to hit here in Stillwater ( where i live )in about a hour...

Thx for the update!

damn birdman, just looked at the radar, you are about to get hit

this year has been fucked up weather wise. its still winter in chicago but its finally going to warm up tomorrow

hope your power dont go out, unplug yer pc lol

on topic that is one tough mother fucker to throw a punch after breakin that arm like that. im sure he's feelin pretty groovy right now though lol

Its here...Its a light show here in Stilly....The thunder is very loud

hope u have some anti surge shit and for your internet too

last year lightning took out my ethernet card, sound card, and power supply. fucking sucked. it was a shitty pc

not taking any risk with me new rig tho. trina is a bad bitch

bet its gonna be a bad year for weather in the midwest, its not doin so good thus far (when is it good)

thunder rocks!! snow sucks!!!

but they also gave him an oscar

"but they also gave him an oscar "

I'm sure having your arm kicked in two pieces is a very pleasant feeling.

Anybody got a link to the coverage of the farmer finding mysterious space junk?

Yes it is - the ulna is broken right below the wrist and is separated into 2 pieces.

Maybe Frank had her ready in case he needed out. "Honey, if I make a sign like I'm sleeping, pretend to go into labor. I'll say I have to go and we'll have a rematch after the baby is born...."


Do you train with Tommy Goodrich in Stillwater? If not, check him out.

You should come over to Tul$a Top Team sometime!

WTF!? There was some post the other day congratulating Shamrock and
his wife for their new baby.

LOL, this place is