Yahya vs. Kanehara. Highway Robbery. Call the cops

one of the worst decisions I have seen in awhile.

Kanehara won rounds 2 and 3 easily.

Kanehara landed 5x more strikes.

Japanese fighters almost always get the shaft.

How many times has this happened already?

a dozen times?


Can an Asian brotha get some love ? - Nam Phan Phone Post 3.0

it's always the asian dudes that get screwed

everytime dana goes on twitter to complain but nothing happens.. they continue to get screwed

there is no way in hell you can argue for a yahya victory.

you could give him rd 1 and that would be it.

Kanehara is an idiot too. he could have ended the fight easily if he just elbowed harder in the 3rd.

japanese are too honorable.. they don't go apeshit with the elbows.

dude could have ended the fight in the 3rd with vicious elbows to the temple

I didn't see this fight but read the play by play on Junkie. They scored it 29-28 Yahya Phone Post 3.0

^ watch it. you will know what i'm talking about.

in the last 2 rounds, yahya did nothing but try to get half ass take downs while getting elbowed in the face.