Year you started being an MMA fan?

1997 for me. How bout you?

Not sure what year it was. UFC 3 live on PPV was my first and I was hooked.


About 6 months before UFC 5 happened. #5 was the first one I saw live on ppv. Others I had just rented.

Remember when Pancrase went ppv? The house almost fell asleep, although I thought it was entertaining because I liked the grappling.

94 when I moved to NY

watched alot of the first few when I was 9-10 which would be 1993 or so. Picked it back up in 2000

four score and twenty years ago....roughly

ufc 3

I had casually watched UFC's since I was a kid, but really started following MMA until about 3-4 years ago after I went over to a friend's house and watched a Pride PPV. I have a feeling there's a lot of threads like this on this forum

LOL @ the fact that everyone is gonna say they got into MMA during the first few UFCs.

I'll admitt the truth, I spent much of the 90s training boxing and MT, and during that time I only ever watched boxing PPVs, but the boxing scene was great in the early to mid 90s, so many great fighters.

Anyway I didn't see my first UFC till about 98, and that was watching a few tapes of the early UFCs at a friends house. The first UFC PPV I saw live was UFC 40. And I didn't even start training BJJ til 2002. So im pretty much a newb to MMA, when compared to the real old school guys.

  1. Borrowed a buddies copy of UFC 1.
  1. Needless to say I'm a new fan.

Got UFC 5 on PPV while a junior in college (1995?) - probably watched some before that (for me to drop cash on a PPV during college). Remember a girl who came over to watch it thought that Dan Severn looked like somebody's random uncle.

I actually started training MMA before I even knew about UFC and Pride.

This young punk came into my club that I was bouncing at. He kept talking about how bad ass he and his buddy was. Telling me about shin kicks and shit. Telling me about how they go to "cage fights".

I'm like what the fuck ever. He talked me into going and training with them.

Sparred with Rich Franklin and Josh Rafferty. Got my ass handed to me. I've been hooked since. This was 7 years ago.



Just last week when i saw some guy Matt "the terror" serra beat up some other guy! sept. 28 2006.

  1. I was 22. Perfect timing.

I knew at that point I was an adult and this was my perfect reason for not watching pro wrestling anymore.

UFC 2 or 3.

During the Kimo and Royce fight I was hooked for life.