Yellow card = ?

a lot of people are saying that Hunt should have lost because of the yellow card.....

But I dont think it's a point deduction like people think.....I thought it is just a warning for stalling or unsportsmanlike conduct......

and some money out of your purse...

after three I think you're disqualified.....

can anyone confirm what the yellow card does to the effect on judgeing of the fight?

IMO Hunt won btw


I thought the yellow cared was a point deduction and I think 15 percent of your purse

but I am not totally sure


well, there are no 'points' in Pride's scoring system. But yes, I do beleive they are instructed to count the yellow card against the fighter who received it. I beleive it counts as "1 successful attack" (for the opponent) or something like that.

Between the yellow and the weight difference, I was mildly surprised they did give it to Hunt. But the right decision was made.

%5 they said if he got another it would = %10 of his purse

Do they use a point system?

About the only thing I can come up with is that they issue the yellow card for stalling/lack of agressivness, or in some rare cases when a fighter gets out of line with the ref (like the gracie fight tonight).

They take 10% off your purse AFAIK.

And since one of the Pride scoring criteria is agressivness, getting a yellow card should count against it.