Yes, im still a jackass...

an exerpt from a thread over on judoinfo that is discussing Ronda's move to 70kg..

"you are right!!! i concede to your higher knowledge, understanding and superrior experience in the aforementioned arena.

my stupidity had me believing that my simple dozen years worth of cutting weight {blah, blah...} actually meant i understood the topic better than somebody who has "sat back and watched" what others do, gained a few pounds from a fairly common rib injury, and made absolutley bone-headed, flat-out ditzy comments about Ronda's move up to 70kg.

i'd like to say i am "sorry" to you now.. but, in truth, im not. and, in even more truth, these crude, rude, "oh-so-hurtful" comments might be coming from me--but i can guarantee you that they are flashing in huge Tokyo billboard neon letters across the mind's eye of nearly everybody who has read this thread. i am just honest enough to not hide my thoughts and let you know that on this particular subject, you have been a complete and total bafoon. (I KNOW, 2-F's in BAFFOON)

some other time, some other day it will be somebody else.. perhaps even myself. but for you-- today is your day. this is your moment in time. you have taken the prodical cake, spread german chocolate frosting, rainbow sprinkles, and added a scoop of ice cream along the side. congratulations. job well done."

on a side note... i am stating to teach the Dimelo to two of the HS kids at my club... fun times!

Do most people over there actually train? It seems more pie in the sky type theory for the most part.

How is your knee?

there are some great people over there who really know their stuff... sure,
there are quite a few who are fluff n puff, but they can be fun in their own
right. =)

the knee...well, it sucks. but, the pain is beginning to dullen and once that
happens i will be able to do a lot more. eventually it is going to be
reconstructed with a new MCL and miniscus.. but, until that time comes
the state of gradual, eventual destruction will have to be dealth with.

It's "bUffoon" you jackass :)

is it.. i looked it up in the dictionary and it was baffoon. odd.

lol. im trying to remember how i did it myself. just started teaching it to
some of my kids at the club.

I'm still waiting on my dimelo clinic...

I would love to come out and show you. might as well get gregg involved
to so that im nto accused of slighting any of my iowanian friends. =)

we can make it an interclub thing at gregg's. ill bring some of our kids
and you bring your kids for a workout.. then, before or after the workout
I'll teach it to anybody who is sankyu and above.

early april sound okay?