Yet another Tourney Question

Would diving at your opponent's ankle be legal?

I think it was Dan Severne (sp) who would dive for an ankle in the UFC, then use control of the leg he's holding to take his opponent down.

1. Would this be legal in a judo match.

2. Would you score by taking your opponent to his back?


1. Yes, this is legal.

2. If you did it in a smooth, continuous motion it would be a score. It would, however, be very hard to score from there as the guy would turn out of it as soon as you got their ankle.

if you dont it extremely well youll get called for a false attack faster than anything you could imagine.


Karl, one of the ways that I have seen ankle picks done very effectively is in conjunction with another throw, like drop seoinage. I have a student that drops in for a rightous morote seoinage, but her follow-up ankle pick is wicked.


You have to be careful though, I have gotten shido for it a few times...The reason is that the low single us wrestlers do puts pressure on the knee in order to force them down...This is a big no-no in shiai...Well either that or the refs hate me, probably both:)

MM is correct on the low single knee pressure. One of our guys won a match at senior nationals (masters division) because his opponent did exactly that, go for an ankle pick and ram his shoulder into the guy's knee. He was DQ'ed.

Ben R.

i think it was the east coast championships this year. there was a green belt who got suspended for running& then diving at the legs