Yo, GSP at Espy's ???

IS GSP going to be at Teh ESPY's??? Ihope because there is something about ESPN theaes days, that really bugs me, dang Entertaining Sports Network.

 no he wasn't there.

I thought I heard he was nominated for an Espy award, did I misunderstand, just a rumor,???

 he was. He lost to Mayweather. Doesn't really mean anything cause even if he won the award he wouldn't of gone on stage because that award usually doesn't make television. He declined to go so he could train.

Oh interesting. You know, I have noticed one thing I have noticed about MMA becomgn mainstream. Is that there is a like huge chink of the mainstream professional sports audience, and by audience I mean like big fans, who absolutely refuse to even admit that mma exist. It's like some mma denial thing or somethign I just can not put my finger on you know? Anyone else noticed this?

Espys are gheyer than catching hep b by fucking AIDS in the ass.

That's for damn sure.

Well maybe not denial but selective imagery, regarding mma. You know the same type of selective imagery peopel use to say like idk Stalin maeks a good president or soemthing. That's the word.