Yod De Cha (SitYodTong)

I'm sure some of you have seen this before but here's a fight of Yod De Cha...One of SitYodTong's best...

Guy is unreal.

In this first vid, pay attention to his Wai Kru...This is a great way to see how bad you are going to get your ass kicked, haha...When someone does a Wai Kru like that, you need to really get ready for a fight!

Here's Rd 2 of the fight...Just friggin watch this dude's awesomeness.




 Yeah, beat Shannon, but he just got wrecked by Kurt Finlayson.

^ Do you have a vid or link to that fight?


 it will come out on the JNI dvd...no "official" release yet

 How did the fight go?  How was it decided?

 Points win...impenetrable defense for the most part and relentless pressure. R1 maybe a 10:10 then every round for Killer Kurt.

 Okay...When you said "wrecked" I imagined a KO or something.....

 Okay - more like tooled. :) He went for the reverse elbow and missed, threw a nice face kick, but Kurt was unstoppable that day.

 I want to see the fight because it's hard for me to imagine Yoddecha getting "tooled".

Pisand was that on one of the knees of fury shows?