Yoga for Martial Arts review

Well, I got the dvd yesterday. I wasn't really sure what to expect.

We have free yoga classes at work, which i liked quite a bit for a while, but then we got really busy in my group so I stopped going, and my yoga mat started to collect dust.

I put it in and sat down with the yoga mat that had been collecting dust in the back of my closet for quite some time.

They went through some basic breathing exercises, and then moved into what I found to be a pretty intense workout.

I found that I was able to increase my flexibility quite a bit with the coaching of the yoga instructor. It was very intresting because it seemed as though every time I was worried about holding the proper form she was there to correct me, if only in voice.

Ive been doing bjj for a couple of years now, and though Im not the most flexible person I know, I do have quite a bit of flexibility, and worried about if this would be very challanging for me. I found it to be something that could absolutely push the limits of my flexibility, and I can certainly see how this will apply to my bjj game. I can say this was certainly worth getting.



I have Frankenstein flexibility so this is something I really need!