Yoshida and Saku were hurt

from puroresupower.com

Hidehiko Yoshida admitted after his fight that he had not practiced for Royce Gracie for over a month after his 11/9 Tokyo Dome fight with Vanderlei Silva due to health/injury issues.

There is big pressure for Kazushi Sakuraba to work in UFC in Las Vegas in February and he may physically not be able to do it. Sakuraba said that his entire body was hurt for his 12/31 fight against Antonio Rogerio Nogueira.

Yoshida didn't even train!

Let's have Yosh and Royce fight once more

i think the yoshi royce thing is done. time to move on to bigger and better things for both fighters.

More dishonorable behavior on the part of Yocheata. What a moron.

Oh well if he didn't train then you simply cannot count his performance. It's Royce's responsibility to make sure Yoshida was fully prepared for the fight. I never tire of the "I didn't train" claim.

i dont get it. lotsa fighters say this. i wouldnt fight ettish untrained!

Yoshida's water was poisoned by the brazilian mafia


Sorry to hear about Sak though. Hope he gets well soon.

Bring on the excuses.

didn't train huh? really? actually what i heard is he had TWO broken necks!!!!!!!!!!! the kid at the asian food market told me.

Royce 1 ,yoshido zero

Anyone that knows anything about Japanese culture will know that it is very hard for them to say no or decline offers. Example, Tamura and Sapp.

Yoshida and sakuraba were hurt, did not express interest to fight, but just did it to support Pride.

Both of these guys need to heal up. Yoshida will make a bigger splash in 2004 watch. He is still an MMA newb with a record of 4-1-1. Don't doubt him.

why don't you losers shut up until you have actually seen the fight then judge?

it's common knowledge yoshida has problems with his knee, so does saku along with many more injuries.

Lol. Here come the excuses. Cry judo trolls cry.

"BTW, judging from Royce's body and the way Yoshida looked, they were only about 10-15 pounds apart in weight. "

according to reports from the weigh in, Royce weighed in at 190 and Yoshi at 220.

It is honorable for Yoshi to fight under those circumstances. It is NOT honorable for him to make excuses afterwards.

but its honorable for royce and royler to run their mouths after the fight like middle school kids? "haha, i thought this was a fight!", "i kicked his ass!", "i took him to school!". how ridiculous is that?

That rates about a 2.5 on the "Excuse meter"


*refuses to say anything until he watches the fight*

Wow! So Royce sent Yoshida to the hospital, who in turn was put in the hospital by Sakuraba, and Sak is there now. Interesting triangle of fighters.

So what you are saying is that Yoshida was planning on getting out of the fight before hand becaus ehe knew he couldnt win. Or was that because there wasnt a Japanese ref to help him cheat another win.

Oh yeah as far as Yoshida's 4-1-1. His 1 loss and 1 draw was actual legit fights. His for wins were because either the fighters or the refs had been paid off. But I am sure that after this fight and everyone knows if the refs dont get paid off it will be a gravy fight. I like the fact because Yoshidas nutsuckers are making excuses before the fight it was Yoshida's "skills" are better. Let's see he was bigger, heavier than Royce with better ground skills, but you guys still need to make excuses cuz he got his ass whopped. Isnt that something.

ya they should fight at the next show.