Yoshida's Reversed Ezekial Choke

I remember Jacare (the mundial champion) showed the exact same reversed ezekial choke in an old edition of Grappling Mag. When I first saw that technique I was thinking "no way you can finished with one arm trapped under his armpit".

Yoshida showed it DOES work. Cutting edge stuff!

oh yoshida showed a work alright!!

it definitely 'works'.

Yoshida didn't even have it fully applied. It was on Tank's jaw, for Pete's sake.

Tank tapped because he gassed. Or because he was supposed to.

FYI...it was freakin blood choke

I am going to try that next time I roll with a gi. I don't know how difficult/easy it is to pull off but it would appear to be much easier to lock up than a rear-naked.

tank tapped because he's not a good fighter

why are people pretending that it's suspicious when tank has lost 7 out of his last 8 fights. Not only that but he has a history of getting choked and tapping early.

we all expected tank to lose, but i thought he would at least throw a gew punches.

yoshi unloaded some pretty nice standup on ole greybeard

"i thought he would at least throw a gew punches"

that was so racist

oops, i meant a 'goo' punches.

Tank sucks guys, did you see his fights against Mir or Kimo? Come on.

Some fucking work.

How many times have we watched Tank tap from a choke that's not even fully on? Oh yeah, every fucking time he's in a choke.

Tank tapped to a Tazzmission.

i would like a good gi guy to explain that choke


"i would like a good gi guy to explain that choke"

ask Jacare

MMA originated from judo so why ban the judogi

The gi is offensive to those who don't wear a gi

Vanderlai showed how you can epxloit the other guy's gi, so I don;t see the problem

rockfists exposes his lack of martial arts knowledge.


I've gotten choked so hard with that exact choke it hurt to swallow the day after.

It's a very real and very effective choke.