You guys like Arlovski vs Eilers? away

I don't think eilers should fight arlovski yet

give him a few more fights in the UFC

I mean, fighters need to be built up, for suspense

I think it could be a very interesting match-up already because of their sizes, and willingness to throw...right?

I would LOVE to see this one....but not yet. Let Eilers work his way up.

Then should Arlovski fight Mike Kyle first?

Man, I'd love to see Arlovski KO Kyle!

I'd just love to see Arlovski fight again... That guy is awesome.

I know I may get torched for this one too, but I could realistically see Arlovski being UFC HW champion for a long time...I'm talking about reigning for a couple of years

Steiner, you're pretty right on. Arlovski is that good. In the UFC, of course.

It's hard to know much from his KO of Mike Kyle other than Eilers has a punch. Let him fight somebody other heavyweight before throwing him into Arlovski.

Arlovski by ouch!


Man, I didn't even think of that fight....great call Eilers/Cabbage would be a SWEET fight!

You dont think his submission skills are good?

I happen to think that he would KO Ricco if they fought again, because I think he has improved greatly since then, and I think Ricco being so invisible lately...would get murdered by Andrei

Pedro I think would get beaten by Andrei because Arlovski has been much more active & his confidence would contribute to a differet fight. Pedro also has tendencies of being very inconsistent...and therefore a difficult bet to win