You guys might like this. (proud papa)

My son is being published in a book of elementary school poetry. (written by elementary aged children, not necessarily from them) The principle submitted his, and two others, poems and his was selected. He's a good student, but has always been right brained and never artistically inclined. You guys might not care, but this is a pretty cool accomplishment for him. I like the poem, too. (of course I'm bias)

Where I'm From

I'm from a baby to a boy
I'm from super heroes to sports
I'm from watching cartoons to watching the UFC
I'm from football to wrestling
I'm from the school bus to the wrestling mat and right back to the school bus
I'm from a small apartment to a big house and back to a small apartment
I'm from wrestling to MMA
I'm from little hometown tournaments to the State finals
I'm from a mat to a dream
That's where I'm from

My son has always been a good kid. But wrestling has given him so much in such a short time. Thank you to all you guys. The wrestling community has built, and nurtures, a very special thing in our society and I feel very fortunate that my son has embraced it.

Its a little dusty up in here...I must a got something in my eye...

Seriously man, that is awesome.  Your right about the wrestling community.  Its just a sport but there is something that makes it different from the rest.   Im glad mine found wrestling as well.  It is a huge part of what he is now and what he wants to be when he grows up. 

He has plans and goals as a 4th grader that I didnt have as a senior in high school.   Wrestling has been instrumental in shaping his developement. 


thanks for sharing that. 

Thats good. Wrestling has a way of impacting lives as much if not more than any other sport in the world. Phone Post

That's pretty good! I'd be proud too.