"Young Eagle" pushing to fight again in March, "Nobody wants to fight me, I'm just human"

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The absolute state of you all,

homeboy out here begging for fights and none of these chickens will even try to take down an undefeated Nurmagomedov.

Jacky give it a rest for fuck sake



This is actual exciting, relevant news for the BW division and the sport of MMA as a whole.

The undefeated future BW GOAT wants to fight again March.

Again no fights have been scheduled. So unless you’re doing free PR hey congrats on you’re part. Settle down though no one’s arguing with you .


We always talk about potential fights that haven’t been scheduled yet.

Weird take.

After Volk upsets Islam you’ll really have something to talk about @JackMerridew

There are no fights and it was just you talking about it. Yes we know Islam is fighting Volk. Any other news?

“Young Eagle”??? :joy:

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Jack Im a huge Dagi Wrestling fan, but you’re more annoying than the UKTT back in the day


What’s funny about that exactly?

29K Likes, 237 Comments - Umar Nurmagomedov (@umar_nurmagomedov) on Instagram: "Young Eagle 🦅"

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You’re actually muslim though so you’re a fan out of religious obligation. Fake fan.

Too bad you can’t double down on that bet since I already own your soul.

Im Muslim? Since when? Lol



You shut your Muslim mouth

Im a New York Italian-American, guinea.

The Sopranos Television GIF

I’ll do a bet don’t have to be a SN bet but one through Cash App.

50/50 odds or do you need a handicap? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I’ve never used Cash App what is the process? Not giving out any personal info.

Get The Fuck Outta Here GIFs | Tenor

If Khabib pulled down his pants and said Jack suck my dick and ill fly you out to Dagestan and you can join me in a sauna.

Would you do it?