Your days before a fight...

can certainly be anxiety ridden. My fight with the Dog Brothers is on Sunday and I'm starting to feel the pressure. National Geographic is doing a documentary on us and it is going to be a big day. I wish the fight were tomorrow so I could just be done with it already!

Not so much the fear of fighting, but the performance anxiety that comes with fighting in front of lights, crowds and cameras. This is going to be on the National Geographic channel, so we all want to look good.

I have been pushing myself extra hard these past couple weeks and I feel ready. I'm thinking that after tonight's training I'm going to mellow out and just relax. At what point do you guys lay off the intensity? I want to feel as fresh as possible, so I think leaving a few days is acceptable and smart. I just don't to be all beat down and sore the day of.

Also, if any of you want to come, the fight will be in Burbank. I think anyone who has not been to a Dog Brothers gathering will be in for a treat :)

Best wishes to you.  Kind of crazy and yet cool that National Geographic is covering combat sports.


Thanks FB,

I think they're interested in the cultural aspects that come along with the guys who prepare themselves for fights like this. Should be fun :)

good luck Dog Brothers makes MMA look like toddlers wrestling

oh by the way, hope you don't break any bones or get your eye poked on accident.


You're reading my thoughts today:) I have been injured so many times over the years and it never really scared me much. But now at 30, I feel the fear, lol...

I'm not afraid of getting hurt as much as I'm afraid of not being able to wake up and train. I told myself that after this fight I am going to commit to full time training like I never have before, go back to some of the more playful and fun things I missed out on while I've been in school these past couple years, like BJJ. I really want to get back on the mats and roll!

So is this a full contact stick fight?

Yup, full contact.

Only rule is "be friends at the end of the day."

I enjoy the Dog Brothers tapes - they are very entertaining.

But do you really think its a good idea to willingly let someone swing a stick at you?

"But do you really think its a good idea to willingly let someone swing a stick at you?"

No! This should not happen! They should be too busy defending from the stick you are swinging at them :)

good luck, you've got balls for sure