your favorite type of MMA fights

Do you guys like to watch well rounded fights that has (stand-up, ground N pound, and submission attempts), stand-up fights, or ground fights?

I like to watched well rounded fights that has (stand-up, ground n pound, and submission attempts) Or fights that has at least (Stand-up & Ground N Pound)

My favorite fighters are the technical submission guys (Shamrock, Mir, etc.).

Couture excepted.

I like fights that are active on the ground or on the feet doesn't matter

I am the same. I want activity on the ground or on the feet.

I like to see well rounded matches. I enjoy good standup between fighters the most though. I also love it when both fighters are both good and the fight is long and rough, ala Frank Shamrock and Tito Ortiz. That was a badass fight.

I don't care what kind of action it is, standing or ground, as long as both fighters are going for the finish. I lean towards submissions as my favorite finishes, though.